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What do I need to know about Russian weapons?

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We at www.Russiaonline.se think that guns generally is one of the most outdated phenomena of our time. Why would you fight and destroy when there's the Internet, Iphones and so much more fun around us today? We live, after all, the 201X -'s and civilized people should not get to so barbaric tools.

The military budget of Russia is 91 billion USD in 2013 and number 3 after the USA and China.

Russia is a big country with big interests that are in turn surrounded by other large countries. The world's longest land border is actually Russian. It is bordered by land and sea with such great powers such as the U.S. and China. Kaukas and Central Asia belonging to the world's most troubled areas and is part of Russia and adjacent land in the South. Meanwhile, the country's economy has always been limited. Therefore, one must acquire both cheap, simple and effective weapon to be able to act in varying weather conditions - both in the cold (-55 in Siberia) to extreme heat (+55 in Central Asia - as Kirgizia / Kyrgyzstan / Kyrgyzstan with others).

The PPSH-41 is the Grand Father for Russian assault weapons. It was one of major infantry weapons of the Soviet armed forces during the WW II.

Russian soldiers with PPSH-41 liberating a city under the WW II

German soldier with Soviet PPSH-41 during the Stalingrad battle

American soldier with the PPSH in Iraq during the war 2003-2010

PPSH is still in use like an UZI weapon. It is both easy to use and repair. The PPSH is still has been produced in China. 

Using manual for PPSH-41 here  



AK-47 and AK-74 is a model for many other similar weapons in the world

In Iraq, American soldiers threw away their M-16 rifles and used Kalashnikov AK-47 from dead Al-Qaeda rebells  американский солдат с калашниковым

AK-47 and AK-74 is one of the world's most widely used small arms according to Wikipedia. However, most are copies and not produced in Russia. The best known include the Yugoslavian Zastava M 70 that is most widespread in Europe's black markets and the Chinese Type 56 with Asia, Africa and the Middle East market. The Chinese copies have already taken over the market for small arms and light weapons from the Russian original allergen. The picture below shows Norinco Type 56-2 assault weapon that is big sellers right now.

Russian newest Kalashnikov Ak-12 from 2012! In November 2012, Izhmash announced the 2013 release of the AK-12 for the civilian market. It is semi-automatic and will be available in  and .

Kalashnikov in parts - 13 steps (instruktion)  


Norinco Typ 56 - copy of Kalashnokov made in China

AN-94 Abakan - a successful modernization of Kalashnikov AK -74

AN-94 "Abakan" is a further version of the famous Kalashnikov rifle. During the Soviet period was planned to abandon the AK-74 in favor of the AN-94, but plans did not, however, not least because of the economic collapse in the late 80's and early 90's. Even "ABAKANs" difficult construction has prevented their use in a allmänpliktig army. It has been manufactured since 1998 and is used by special units. It is much more economical than regular Kalashnikov when you can shoot more precisely instead of using a large number of shots.

SVD - an old proven sniper rifle from the 1960s

SVD SNIPER RIFLE Dragunov is a Kalashnikovbesläktat kryppskyttegevär from 1963 which has been both used and copied extensively during dessenier. SVD is extremely reliable, reach their goals in the 1300 m and muzzle velocity of 830 m / s Svd Dragunov has been in use in most armed conflicts worldwide fom the Vietnam War. Unlike a "typsik" ​​krypskyttegäver allowing 5 shots / min get shoot 30 shots / min with Dragunov. However, the standard version of the SVD and SVDS can be charged with only 10 shots.

A Russian sniper wrote "I love you" with the ammo for his SVD -)



Russian Vintorez Sniper Rifle is the KGB weapon for secret operations

The VSS (Винтовка Снайперская СпециальнаяVintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya or "Special Sniper Rifle", Винторез), also called the Vintorez is a suppressed sniper rifle developed in the late 1980s in Russia. It is issued primarily to special forces Spetznaz units for undercover or clandestine operations, a role made evident by its ability to be stripped down for transport in a specially fitted briefcase. Muzzle velocity - 290 m/s, catrige - 9x39 mm. The 9x39 mm Russian rifle cartridge is based on the Russian 7.62x39 mm, but with an enlarged neck to accommodate a 9 mm bullet. Vintorez can penetrate 6 mm of steel at 400 meters , 2.8 mm of titanium or 30 layers of Kevlar at 200 meters. At 100 meters it penetrates 8 mm of steel, while retaining enough power to neutralize a soft target behind it.

Saiga shotguns are .410 Kalashnikovs for the hunters and NATO soldiers. Even American cops are using Saiga - 12 like an alternative to AR - 15

All weapons in the Saiga family inherited the basic design of the AK,with long piston stroke gas system, rotating bolt with two massive lugs,and box magazine feeding. The shotgun part of this large family includes guns chambered for .410, 20 and 12 gauge magnum ammunition. In each chambering,there's at least three versions, with long barrel and fixed stock, long barrel and side-folding Ak-74type polymer stock and with same folding stock and shorter barrel. The latter versions intended as a security, police and self-defense weapons, and are widely used by numerous Russian law enforcement and private security services. In general,Saiga 12 shotguns are reliable and effective close hunting or close combat weapon, being much cheaper than its famous western counterparts from Beretta, Franchi and other brands.


PKM 1961 - mashinegun is a universal weapon for infantry / guerrilla / gangsters

PKM 1961 is Russia's premier cooled gun that shoots 7.62 mm rounds. It is highly universal and can change depending on the purpose tripod use. You can attach it to such vehicles, install on the ground or even shoot with the Russian kylsprutan when holding it with both hands? If it is strong enough when he weighs about 9 pounds. According to media used PKM 1961 in Eastern Europe frequently by CIT robbers then kylsprutan penetrates certainly the armor that surrounds most of the CIT vehicles. During the two wars in Tjejenien shot down a number of Russian military helicopters of types Mi-8 and Mi-24 with the rifle.

Pistols Tokarev TT and Makarov are the Russian police weapons from the past

Small ammo for Russian arms ;

Guns of brands Tokarev TT and Makarov are very famous and are still used in many countries in both Eastern Europe and Asia. TT has been produced in the USSR for 30 - and 50 years in XX century and in Poland. In total, it officially produced about 3 million of the TT in the former USSR countrys through the years. According to the press that produced these weapons unlegal still on  the Balkan. Makarov was the main weapon of this type of both the police and the military in the 60's and forward. It still made for example in Russia and Bulgaria. It has officially made ​​2 million guns of this brand. Makarov of the Russian police forces will be replaced by the Russian-Italian gun StrikeOne 2013.

TT in parts here      


Stechkin automatic pistol with silincer is the perfekt weapon for Russian SpetzNaz and gungsters

The Stechkin automatic pistol was originally chambered for . Stechkin changed the pistol to the  caliber used in the new , as it became clear that this cartridge was set to become the new service ammunition for handguns of the Soviet Army. In 1951, both the Makarov and Stechkin were introduced into the Soviet military arsenal, replacing the aging . They have little in common except for the simple unlocked blow-back mechanism.

In contrast to the Makarov, the Stechkin has an automatic fire mode, which is selected using the safety lever. In burst or automatic fire, the pistol should be fitted with the wooden or metal shoulder stock; otherwise, the weapon becomes difficult to control.

Strike One pistol is Russian newest Police pistol from 2012

“Strike One” (пистолет "Cтриж" in Russian, Swift bird in translation) pistol is a very new product of an  international company , which has headquarters in Russia and manufacturing facilities in Russia and Italy.  “Strike One” is a semi-automatic pistol which uses single polymer frame with different upper kits (barrel and slide) for several calibers. It utilizes striker-fired trigger system with Glock-style pre-cocked striker which can be fully cocked only through the pull of the trigger. Like the Glock, Strike One pistol does not offer a “second strike” capability in case of misfire. Calibers  9x19 Luger/Parabellum, 9x21 IMI, .357SIG, .40SW, Weight unloaded 750 g, Length 210 mm, barrel length 128 mm, magazine capacity 17 rounds. Russian police and military forces are going to be equiped with the weapon next year.


RPG-7 is an old classics from Vietnam, and Bosnia-Afgan Wars

Grenade Launcher RPG-7 from 1961 is also among the world leaders in its class. It is still used in many countries, mainly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. It is because it is very easy to use and can also be used by beginners. With these shoot well against tanks and buildings.

RPG-18 is artillery in poketformat developed for infantry units and gorilla

RPG-18 "Muha" (Fly) is a single grenade launcher used successively to both strindsvagnar and other armored vehicles. RPG "Schmel" is also very popular and are used in the same purpose. These belong to Russia's biggest export.

RPG-32 is a Russian-Jordan joint venture project

RPG-32 "Hashim" (PПГ-32 Хашим, also means the word "family" in Arabic) Is a joint-venture project with Jordan. The country ordered weapon system that could include forcing the U.S. M1 Abrams battle wagons active armor protection, see picture above. RPG 32 makes it gradually to 200 feet away. Grenade Launcher can be equipped with two different types of ammunition, both 105 mm and 72 mm projectile. The weapon was introduced first time in 2008 and it was planned that the RPG-32 would start production in Jordan in 2009 and sold abroad. However, the project is delayed.


Russian PMN anti personnel mine

Using manual:




BM-21 Grad BM-30 is a "kill em all" weapons of total land war

BM-21 Grad (Hail) with their 40 st 122-mm missiles and 40 km range is one of the most common raketartellerysystem. It pushes all their missiles almost simultaneously allowing all living and most buildings and vehicles destroyed on an area of 12 km. The fyrljuliga BM-30 Tornado with its 16 st 300-mm missiles reach targets which are maximally located at 90 km distance. 2011 was Russian ground forces 30 pc new Tornado G which is a further modification of the BM-30. It works with the same principle as the BM-21 is much more effective against such bunkers. Is a great variety of ammunition. 6 pieces of BM-30 can destroy a whole city with a population of approximately 250 000 inhabitants. Damage Area of BM-30 is approximately 60 square km.

Buratino TOS-1 KAUNAS - Russian firesupport

Buratino TOS-1 ("буратино," тос-1) is a artillerysystem used just before the infantry expected to play hostile positions. You shoot the 30 st 220-mm missiles at objects located on max 3600 m. The practice of using this system shows that it is a "weapon of mass destruction" at the local level. It can exemepelvis charged with thermoammonition boiling and grilling everything around him. When, in turn, use the "regular" warheads detonate most of the faces and grenades in the possession of the enemy so that they exploded without the need to deploy significant resources of their own infantry. Series manufactured since the late 80's. There are also newer versions such as TOS-1A KAUNAS (тос-1а "каунас") which projects in turn max of 6 km and has 24 missiles.

T-90 family tanks that dominate the Russian ground forces in the 21 first century

The tanks T-90 are modern tanks which will form the core of ground troops in Russia throughout this century. T-90 is also available in India and large produced there under a license agreement. The latest version of the T-90 is called T-90S. On the battlefield, it is likely that they meet the Chinese Type the 99th.


T-99 Armata Universal Combat Platform is a Russian tank for the future neueste russische panzer

The Armata T-99 Universal Combat Platform is a Russian advanced next generation heavy military tracked vehicle platform. The "Armata" platform is intended to be the basis for a main battle tank, a heavy infantry fighting vehicle, a combat engineering vehicle, an armoured recovery vehicle, a heavy armoured personnel carrier, a tank support combat vehicle and several types of self-propelled artillery under the same codename based on the same chassis. It will also serve as the basis for artillery, air defence and NBC defense systems.

The main armament is new version of 125 mm smoothbore cannon with the ATGM capaility. Grande launcher 57 mm, machine gun 12, 7 mm. The engine with aroud 1600 HP. The Russian military forces are expecting to get around 2 300 tanks of this model to year 2020.

Source -

BTR-80 and BRDM-2 infantry vehicles from the Russian Afgan war 1979-89

Combat vehicles BTR-80 and BRDM-2 are Russias combat vehicles. These are used by many other countries, such as Ukraine, Poland, Iraq, China, Czech Republic, etc.. Combat vehicles can swim and transporting soldiers. BRDM-2 has its counterpart in the United States called M20 Armored Utility Car.

BTR-90 and BMP-3 are the lokol conflicts workhorses

Combat vehicles BTR-90 and BMP-3 (Боевая Машина Пехоты БМП-3) are heavy armed fighting machines that can both pass water and difficult terrain. BTR-90 with V-shaped bottom that is beneficial to the country miner had planned to mass-produce from 2011, but the plans were withdrawn in April 2010 for the benefit of a large international manufacturers. BMP-3 is found in the Russian infantry since 1987. Available in several modifications, the latest BMP-3M has an intelligent system "Arena-E", which analyzes and liquidates pansarsgranatar approaching combat vehicle.

Russian Marines Brigade is in action using the BTR - 80 during a sea strike

Russia's future infantry vehicle with artificial intelligence - Kamaz Dozor

The Russian super monster jeep Kamaz - 43269 "Dozor" (Kамаз-43269 "дозор") is one of the most advanced and modern Russian tank. It is equipped with high-tech up to max. It sees and hears enemy vehicles and troops at long distances. Several such cars if they are used in group kommucerar with each other automatically and analyze the situation from a variety of data flowing into. Furthermore sent the info to the battlefield where Spetznaz or common ground troops take part of it. The Russian military plans to get a large amount of such weapons already in the coming years.

Su-24 and Su-34 bomber of the type F-16

The aircraft Su-24 and Su-34 are the main components of the Russian Air Force. Su-24 is the equivalent of the old American F-16. Su-24 is a proven bomber that has been widely used in all the armed conflicts that Russia has been participating. Su-34 is his successor. According to plans, the Russian armed forces have about 400 aircraft of this type, 2010-2020.

Mig-29 and Su-27 are the Russian Air Force's two most used fighter jet

Mig-29 and Su-27, Russia's two most ordinary fighter. Mig 29 aircraft Kalashnikov is also in many other countries. Both of these fighters are the generation of the fourth The Russian Air Force will soon have both the 4 + + generation and even 5 levels. In battle, they can meet with the Chinese Shenyang J-16 Stealth Fighter is the copy of the Russian SU-30 MK2.


An-124 - the world's largest series - produced aircraft

The image of Russian military planes would not have been complete without Ruslan transport aircraft Antonov An-124 Condor (NATO classification) or Aнтонов Ан-124 «Руслан» (Russian) is the world's largest series-produced aircraft. This means that it is the largest of the series-produced aircraft. An-124 Ruslan has a maximum takeoff weight of 405 tons. Load capacity is 150 tons. Among the production plan is only cargo version of the Airbus Super Jumbo A380 is not delivered to a customer is greater. It can lift 152 tons of cargo. Because of its great commercial potential has been a big part of An-124 sold to private contractors, and then including the famous Volga-Dnepr who ate the American USAF to transport goods to Afghanistan. The Russian Air Force still has 25 pieces kvar.Eftersom the Russian military needs at least 40 pieces of such flyglan will manufacture Ruslan återupptan in Ukraine again, according to a decision from 2008.

IL-76 - one of the world's most used transport aircraft

Ilyushin IL-76 or Илюшин Ил-76 (Russian) is the main transport aircraft of Russian and Ukrainian Air Force. Russia has about 119 aircraft of this type. These are rather weak if compare them with the An-124 Ruslan above. These pictures show that clean appearance, it is a big difference between the two. Il-76 can carry 40 tons of cargo on board or 140 fully equipped soldiers. It is available in various modifications, including radar, flying hospitals and with guns and bombs. It is being developed in Russia and is still produced in Uzbekistan. Il 76 is used today in a big way across the world both by private airlines and the military.

Su-35 Russia last 4 + aircraft, planned about 100 pieces for use in 2015

Mig-35 and Su-35 is a real 4 + + and 4 + aircraft on the metal and flying. Su-35 delivered by 2010 with a trial batch of 35 aircraft. It is also worth adding that most of the supplies are usually delayed a few years. In the picture above you can see a Su-35 in action.

MIG-31 - a live attraction for space tourists

Mig-31 Foxhound or MиГ-31 has become super famous in Sweden for a while in the early 2000s in connection with the advertising campaign of a Russian tourist company which marketed a "trip to space" for about 100 000 from an air base in northern Russia. These attack aircraft of generation 4 is said to be near the "space" (20 km upwards from the ground) and even bombing from there. Russia has 286 planes of this type, and 100 are in reserve. Mig-31 was a response to the U.S. F-14 launch during the Cold War arms race. Mig-31 is also a continuation of its predecessor, namely I-25.

Prototypes of Russian generation 5 aircraf were is use already in the 80s

Generation five flyglan or a so-called Fifth-Generation Advanced Fighter Jet is available in different versions in Russia. The first test flight of the PAK FA or Firefox as it is now called in NATO has already taken place in 2010 and the aircraft is in service after 2013. It is said that the Russian generation five aircraft planned along with India and will be produced in Brazil. The Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics stands for electronics in PAK FA/T-50 and Russians for the hardware itself.

The first delivery is in the current situation of about 250 jets that India and the 50 pieces that Russia plans to purchase for their air forces. That is, both Russians and Indians should get their PAK FA/T-50 while Americans commit get F-35. The Indian version is equipped with seating for two pilots unlike the Russian and will be called FGFA.

The Russian PAK - FA or Indian FGFA is the Russian-Indian joint venture project

Here you can see the official video of the test flight January 29, 2010 .

The plane will be called either PAK FA or T-50 also "изделие 701" / "product 701". More can be read on the company website, ie the company that built fighter, the Sukhoi. Good official information on Russian weapons systems, including slide shows are also available on the Russian miliärdepartamentets website which is by the way the English language.

There is not much information about the PAK FA/T-50's technical data but according to the Russian-language Internet forums, there will be about velocity of about 2600 km / hour and the ability to reach the distance of 5500 km without refueling. The runway for PAK FA/T-50 needed no further than 300-400 m according to these sources. It is only speculation, and it is not even certain that the aircraft into service in the first place.

It also costs huge sums to develop the technology and as the U.S. has already stopped production of the F-22 just because of the economics. Generation 5 aircraft will not keep up with the development when future attacks are probably directly from space, ie from satellites with laser alto missiles. The satellites are constantly in the potential targets and it is not about protecting themselves against these kinds of attacks.

That this kind of aircraft costs more than what they taste, they do not offer any breakthrough compared to previous generations. Analysts predict that future Air Force will rather be equipped with vehicles of type Boeing X-37 unmanned spacecraft Rather than traditional aircraft

The U.S. F-22 Raptor is "father" for all aircraft of this type

It is also interesting to know that as China is not the classification of airplanes as Russia and the United States uses as both F-22 and PAK FA are jets of four generations of the Chinese standards. It will be exciting to see what the Chinese will eventually. China's neighbor Japan is partly to develop their own generation 5 aircraft ATD-X Shinshin.

That this kind of aircraft costs more than what they taste, they do not offer any breakthrough compared to previous generations. Analysts predict that future Air Force will rather be equipped with vehicles of type Boeing X-37 unmanned spacecraft Rather than traditional aircraft

J-20 Stealth Fighter and the ATD-X Shinshin in action

The Chinese J-XX fighter, JX or XXJ 5th generation aircraft, the official J-20 (images) and ATD-X Shinshin is China's and Japan's answer to the F-22 and PAK-FA. It would have been exciting to observe all these four UFO-like aircraft at an air show to compete against each other, but never in combat. The Asians are not in service until about 2018-2020 according to Internet sources. Note that the Japanese fighter pics are no photos but 3D images.

ATD-X is the Asian beauty and the future concurrent for Russian PAK FA

Advantage Technology Demonstrator X 心神 is the name for the new Japanese Stealth Fighter which will schedulded in 2014. Relations between Russia and Japan are hindered primarily by the long-running Kuril Islands dispute. This two countries have faught with each other two times under XX century. Maybe ATD-X will meet PAK FA in a battle in the future?

Tu-160, the world's largest bombers and Tu-95 were projectet for the World War III

Strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95 is a carrier of nuclear bombs / missiles. Americans have the equivalent of the Tu-95 which is their felt the B-52. Tu-160 lacks in turn motvarigheter the other defense. It is the world's largest bomber. There are between 10-20 Tu-160 of the Russian nuclear forces. Company AOA "Tupolev" serving and manufacture these aircraft are, however, a deep crisis and it is hardly likely that we will so something new from Tupolev.

Ka-52 and Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopters for precision warfare
Ka-52 is the future attack helicopter that will be used against such rebels in the mountains as well as a command helicopter. Even if the Mi-28 HAVOC similar Ka-52 are no competitors when the Mi-28 is designed to be used against heavily armed market forces such as combat vehicles and even infantry. More than 130 such will be delivered to the Russian Air Force in the coming years.
Chinese WZ-10 Attack Helicopter is made by Russian project from year 1995
Russian Kamov company has been made byt the project for Chinese Z-10 Helicopter. It schould be look like Russian Ka-52/Ka-50 helicopters.
Mi-26 is the world's largest helicopter, widely used for civil purposes today
Mil Mi-26 HALO Миль Ми-26 (Russian) is a heavy-lift helicopter that can carry up to 20 tons. Mi-26 is the world's largest helicopter. Russia builds this kind of transport is not due to megalomania, but because the country is so large that it requires to be able to transport their forces at long distances very quickly. Today, the Russian military for over 25 pc of such helicopter. It is widely used abroad by various carriers and contractors to especially build giant structures.
Mi-24 HIND helicopter is from the past, both Afgankriget and Caucas wars
Mil Mi-24 HIND Миль Ми-24 (Russian), is also a very famous Russian helicopter is available in many different designs and is also known as the Mi-35. The last is an export version. Pictured above left, we see the helicopter that came to Algerian Air Force. It was manufactured about 2000 pieces of the Mi-24. In the current situation the most active users of the weapon system, including Russia and Afghanistan, where they are sold in large quantities. A larger number is also in Latin America. Russia has 360 pieces in use, but these will be replaced with more modern Mi-28 HAVOC.
Mi-8 HIP is the world's most-produced helicopter of all time
Mil Mi-8 HIP Миль Ми-8 (Russian) is the world's most-produced helicopter. It has been produced more than 10 000 units since the 1960s. Most NATO countries have heli Copts in their armies as it has recommended itself as a simple transportation tools as well as you can use it both for the bombings, and bailouts. The export variant called Mi-17. All models can have 6 tons of cargo on board or 25-27 fully equipped soldiers.
Pzrk Igla S-18 Grouse is a Russian "Stinger". On this picture are soldiers from the South Korea
Pzrk "Igla" «Игла», S-18 Grouse (NATO classification) is equivalent to the U.S. "Stinger" - man-portable infrared homingsurface-to-air missile that can reach the aircraft at about 5000 m altitude. In the picture above you can see two South Korean soldiers train with one of the missile modifications. Igla and similar weapons is best known for its psychological effects from the movies. Soldiers out that it is difficult to meet with such a missile as well as today's fighter pilots are good at detecting them early. One of the proofs is the war in Lybien the defense which had a large supply of these weapons (between 600 to 1500 pcs) without any success during the NATO intervention.
Strela anti aircraft missle family
There are also competitors of Igla and Strela are family, Стрела in Russian. Both Stinger, Strela and Igla is wanted by most countries' security officers because of their obvious danger to the civilian air traffic in case they fall into the hands of terrorists. At least 50 such weapons disappeared according to media during Lybien conflict completely untraceable.
S-300 and S-400 are Russian main anti-aircraft weapons
When Strela and Igla insufficient made ​​use of S-300 and S-400. They look virtually the same, Russia's main anti-aircraft missiles, and corresponds to the U.S. anti-missile system Patriot. S-300 can shoot down both manned and unmanned aircraft at a distance of no more than 300 km. S-400 is a new generation of anti-aircraft guns have been put into service in 2007 and can act against nuclear missiles and other flying objects in radiet of 400 km.
S-500 is also underway and it is range of 600 km also becomes much smaller than their predecessors to fit on such vessels. There are also modifications as are suited to vessels. Buy Russian weapons can be found through Russian arms monopoly Rosoboronexport. Monopoly sells arms to countries not subject to UN sanctions. You may not sell nuclear weapons or their means of delivery.
Iskander SS-26 Stone - Russian surface missle
Iskander SS-26 Stone is one of the newest Russian precision weapons systems. It was announced on missile system back in 1996, and the weapon was taken into use by the Russian military in 2006. SS-26 is available in two modifications - one for imports SCOPE of 50-280 km and one for the use of their military with sufficient willows of 500 km. The missiles can be controlled both by GPS and GLONASS. Already in 2010 placed British Flinders in Kaukas where the probability of armed conflict is greatest. While it is not attached to use such weapons as SS-26, but unmanned aircraft that can give the true picture of the battlefield in real time. GPS helps to achieve solid objects, such as bridges and buildings. In the case of moving objects needed UAV - unmanned aerial battle plan. .
Unmanned aircraft are the Russian Armed Forces officially recognized weak point

Soviet Union was a country in the global level of UAVs. Only in the 1980s made ​​it 950 Tu-143 (similar to the Tu-243, see picture above) used frequently by their own military and sold for export. Both Tu-143 Tu-243 is pushed from a Topol-M similar vehicle and can conduct reconnaissance on the 360 ​​km distance. The Russian unmanned aircraft was progressive 20 years ago, but today many of these are not competitive anymore.
If you compare the U.S. Predator with Tu-243 that was introduced in 1999 to weigh "the Russians" 1600 kg and can accommodate 130 kg cargo / bomb load when his American colleague weighs only 1000 kg and can be loaded with 340 kg. U.S. Airforce and U.S. Navy has thousands of UAVs at various levels as well as Russia has an insignificant number of Tu-243. This means that the Russian military has decided to purchase the Israeli IAI Heron.
However, there are also successful Russian Copies of these weapons systems such as Mi-34 BP that will be used by both the Russian Navy as police force. Pictured above is dronden in a police version.
SS-27 Topol M - Russian universal intencontinental ballistic missle
SS-27 Topol M, developed in 1997 will be Russia's main nuclear missile over the next dessenierna. It is the counterpart to the U.S. Minuteman-2 solid American is heavier and can carry a larger bomb load. The U.S. "colleague" has no van. The two missile types can carry up to three nuclear warheads. Bulava, or SS-NX-30 according to NATO classification that is shown to the right is the SS-27 fixed is specially designed for submarines. He tested and still developing. SS-27 is considered to be a weak missile compared to both U.S. and Soviet missiles. The difference between, say, SS-27 Topol M and SS-18 Satan is the same as if you had compared a gun with automatic rifles to the SS-18 advantage.
SS-18 is a Soviet 24 megaton nuclear bomb missile which is not produced anymore
SS-18 Satan or RS 20 Voevoda as it is called by Russian termenologi (Voevoda means colonel in the Russian military during the Viking Age) was one of the Soviet Union and Russia's main nuclear missiles until the early 2000's. He could bomb their targets at 11 000 km away, had all 10 heavy warheads and also a large number of false warheads to deceive any anti-missile system. He was produced in Ukraine, however, and there is no way to resume production in the current situation. There are still 40 SS-18 in service, but they have already passed their technical lifetime. Russia, however, planning to develop its own version of the SS-18 eventually.
Yury Dolgorukiy is Russia's most modern submarine and carrier of nuclear weapons
Yury Dolgorukiy submarine of Project 955, the carrier of nuclear weapons, ie, SS-27 missile Bulava. Russia will have at least three such submarines in order to defend their interests. During the Soviet time, the USSR several dozen nuclear submarines with various weapons on board. In the current situation Russia lacks the economic and technological capability as there were then and Straver after a compact (with dimensions of the big ones of course) operational defense max one million soldiers.
Admiral Kyznecov - Russia's only aircraft carrier
Russia's only aircraft carrier class ship Admiral Kyznecov used mostly to maintain competency in the field. The possession of such weapons require special of both fighter pilots and infrastructure and education. One must also have special aircraft with short takeoff type Su-33. Russia needs about four such vessels. One can then use the one from the Barents Sea towards the North Atlantic and one from Khabarovsk in the Pacific. Specifiken of aircraft carriers requires that one of the two ships must be constantly repaired, then the other can be used. Therefore, one must have at least four ships if you want to ever have two of them in use.
"Мистраль", "Mistral" - Russia's new aircraft carrier for helicopters
Russia has talked about his plans to build at least two ships of this class. 4 x 'Mistral' swimming all-Copts platformer will be bought in France this year. Two of the vessels will be built in France and two in Russia. The purchase price is 1.2 billion Euro. The first Mistral ship put into use by 2014. 2 first Mistraler will be placed in the Pacific to strengthen the fleet there.
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