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What do I need to know about Russian cars?

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You speak Russian, so have cars a special place in Russian hearts. One should not forget that half the country belongs geographically to Asia, and that the car is something that took place instead of the horse peoples of the East. The horse has always been a status symbol and sign of masculinity. The car may cost a lot, it should ideally be large and have a lot of horsepower. The brand's importance should not be underestimated.

Buying a delicious flashy BMW is not enough, you have to run a painting company to create an appropriate layout of the car. The cars that we see on "Pimp My Ride" on MTV is commonplace in Russia. It is perhaps as a maximum of 5-7 per cent of the fleet, but these are clearly visible in traffic.

Police also want to keep up. Police authorities rarely buy their cars but these will be confiscated from criminals and painted on with police colors. That way you avoid patrolling the town and be envious of everyone else.

Russian goldplated Porsche for goldies!

Russian BMW X5 wrapped in Gold!

Look at those magnificent sliding rear doors, we are not surprised if the car comes with a pair of Kalashnikovs on each side and a grenade launcher on the roof! Russian military vehicle of the future?  

Russian mafia style is a fashion like other mafias - big cars, big guns.            

There are three types of taxi that inhabiting Russian roads: "real cabs" (usually yellow), "airport cabs (cabsters)" and "citizen cabs." If you are planning to use a taxi, the distinction is crucial for it determines how much you will be asked to pay and how much you should actually pay.

Night illegal streetracing is very popular in Moscow. Need for speed goes public!


The heavy brands like Mercedes, BMW and Toyota are dominating the market for Russian streetracers.         

All have been unable to afford a real X5: a and it is not rare to cars down to China to procure a replica. It does not mean that this is similar for the most part a plastic jar from the auto parts store, it resembles the though of BMW.


From the front it resembles also a bit about Lexus. So you have two cars in one! Note that reggnummret is Russian, the car is not tullad Feel the. Do not ask how many EuroNCAP stars it has, or if it is environmentally certified ..

Zhonghua M2 from the Chinese manufacturer Brilliance considered replica of the BMW 5 Series. Brilliance collaborates with BMW in China and manufactures their cars for the Chinese market. Costs around 17,000 euros in Russia. The engines are from Mitsubishi.


Audi is a car that Russians always had a taste for, even long before it became a big seller here in Europe. This Audi is like a Russian doll Matreschka.

Audi A 8 became the forerunner of Audi's success in Russia. Here above the picture you can see the Audi Q7 next to the Russian Parliament. The second picture shows a view of the Moscow center of semolina no one from an Audi.

There Koenigsegg in Sweden, Ferrari in Italy and Aston Martin of England. Why would Russia be an exception? Marussia, Mаруся called the company behind the brand, and it already has a factory in Moscow and one in Belgium and one in Germany that is going on. Already 19 cars are delivered (10 september 2010) and 700 in the order book. Marussia also delivers one monstersuv F2 with extremely luxury and aggressive design. Marussia Motors flagskep - cars B1 and B2 is equipped with include 3.5 liter motororer from the British Cosworth.

If you can not afford even to a Chinese copy may be betting on a self "Mercator" if you want a bit of bling. In the picture you can see that the enthusiast has pimped a Lada with a front that is reminiscent of a Mercedes E 320 by an older model. Angel Eyes is clearly a must!

"Fake it till you make it". This amateur Russian car builder loved the Mercedes -Benz McLaren SLR so much that he made his own!

"Fake it till you make it"

Dont have cash to buy a new Rolls Roys Phantom? No problem! Build your own!


Many Russians want to tone up their individuality. Why not make this car of unknown brand to a monster? Do you think that even police officers with his Porsche Cayenne dare villains if they drive the monster? 


Russia's postwar GAZ-M20 was the symbol of Soviet postwar prosperity (a potato in every pot, and all that). According to Wikipedia it was dubbed Pobeda, or "victory," and is best remembered as the first car in the USSR with turn signals, electric wipers (not the mechanical kind connected to the drivetrain, as was used formerly), an electric heater and an AM radio.

The driver / owner of this car brand Volga has nostalgia for Soviet times is assumed. The rims were certainly no Communist declined. By the way, the whole car is actually a scam when you have made ​​a speciall commissioned replica of a Volga from the 60's and pimped it with the Porsche 955 Cayenne spare parts, engine etc..

This armored car zIS-115 was produced in 1946-47. It was manufactured about 32 copies of such limousines. The main person this car was made for was the Soviet Leader  Joseph Stalin.  


This zil 117 is essentially a metaphor of the Sovietpower and then perestrojka. Gorbatjov and efter him Jeltsin were passengers of this limousine.


Zil 117 waz like a hybride of the Rolls Roys Silver Spirit and a Yankee car but it was build in the USSR and showed that the tax payers money spendes on Russian cars. Правительственный лимузин ЗИЛ


Jeltsin Russia waz a weak oil depended country without its own industrial production. The later Jeltsin, since 1996 enjoyed the Mercedes Pullman S 600 instead  of zil 117. 



Maybe in the future Russian Leaders are going to be passangers of Russian cars again. On the pictures is a Zil  project from 2010.          

The Volga is still produced and is quite popular among the older generation. It has rear wheel drive motor is from Mercedes. Electronics from Bosch. Korossen is a copy of an American from the 70s. The car was manufactured in various versions since the 70s.

This is a Lada 111th Available in different variants in Sweden. Costs Used in cuts with a VW in the same class. Are relatively few in big cities such as Moscow, however, is popular in the province.

Need to be freak for running this tanker?

This green car is unique in its class. Neither emissions of HC or CO. No risk of engine problem either. Creativity create innovation!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is himself the owner of one of these cars since 15 May 09. Lada Niva 1.7 in the Army is a tried and true car from the 70's like the Jeep Wrangler is also a living veteran. The car is also available in Sweden. The price is at 130 000. It is designed for hunters as well as those who live in the north and want to get around without problems everywhere.

Maybach is a car that you do not usually run itself. It is matter of a private chauffeur. Why not indulge in a lyxstund and run through Moscow in a Maybach taxis available directly at the Red Square?

Alternative to the Maybach taxi cab is a freacky Porsche Cayenne.

There are also classic cars like UAZ 3151 which was manufactured in various forms since the 1960s. Because of that it is very capable independent of climate and weather is still the military and police in a big way throughout the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan and parts of Africa. UAZer of this model is also popular among those who live in the country.

All cars manufactured in Russia do not have to be special in different ways. For example Lada Priora belongs to Hyundai Accent class and is quite common. Since 2009, offered them even with navigator which has built-in GPS equipment from the Russian producer GLONASS.

When Russians dont drive their Lada or Mercedes,  many of them are chosing motorcicles.

One of that bikers is Russian President Vladimir Putin.         


You can always visit the equivalent of the Swedish bytbil.se which is . Note, however, that the site is only in Russian. There you everything about cars - forums, sales to both private individuals and companies, and car rental with driver and without. Be prepared that price is a few times higher than in Sweden due to import taxes and similar objects. Prices are in rubles but divide them by 40, you get Euros.




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