What vodka can be counted as Russian?

It is only that which comes from Russia!

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The Russian vodka purified in a particular way, it has no chemical additives and is preferably 40%, they say in Russia. This is a so-called Mendeleev law.

Russian Standard Vodka is very well known as that one does not feel nearly as bad the day after in comparison with regular drink alcohol. Bakfullan reduced by including silver filter. Vodka is available in countries such as Denmark and Germany. It is not cheap.



Classical Russian vodkas


Russian freacky Kalashnikov vodka

sisk v

Russians loves vodka on the real !


Great gift for a family or friend with the weapon interest!

No war in our time, just partying!


 odka r

Aims of Russian culture! Russian matreshka vodka! usводка матрешкаsische vodka

Want to drink like a Russian? You have to eat this way!


bra hemsida om ryssland                                         



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