My topic about visiting Sochi Summer 2008, send in by Mika W
The city is changing. The old against the new, east to the west ... The region is not nearly as expansive as the Soviet Union. The declining population is a part of it. But you can not miss it built in many places. It has its cause in overcrowding. Those who are able try to obtain better housing, which is not so surprising. The word urban is not in their vocabulary. Most new The most new buildings are grotesque.
During my stay, I visited a number of restaurants. The first thing I reacted to was that the menu usually consists of like that 20 (!) Main courses. One can easily conclude that they can serve food from around the world, everything from falafel to all manner of marine delicacies. In practice it is far from it. Usually it is so that some dishes can not be repaired to the restaurant does not have all the necessary ingredients. Good advice is to go the easy way out - to ask what is available. In general, food is absolutely acceptable, even if you do not always know what you get.

The American culture of fast food is not appreciated by the people, they prefer instead to cook food thoroughly. With regard to drink, I strongly advise from all the wines, especially if you only want a glass. The reason is that even the expensive wines by the glass servaras which means that an opened bottle can stand the heat forever. It should also be wary of cheap whiskey, is a high risk that the product is not genuine. National Beverage is vodka. Traditionally been measured volume in ml. Vodka can be ordered in various volumes from 50 ml to a complete fake. Vodka is also of varying quality, I recommend investing in it which is located in the upper middle class to be on the safe side.


An important comparison with Sweden is that alcohol in ordinary restaurants are not sold to a sick overpriced but the price is on a 'democratic' level which is marginally higher than in the shop. The real tankards will not be bored because there are a number of local breweries that are of high standard.

I think everyone knows how it looks on the town in Sweden, a typical summer night between Friday and Saturday. Finely dressed men who must be helped by building facades so as not to become best friends with the pavement and possibly vomit on his shoes. Women who lose perception of reality and can not formulate a single sentence. Such is not in Sochi (perhaps with the exception of a few major holidays). The misleading statistics on how much the Russians poured in itself is totally irrelevant to me as a tourist! What I was able to notice is that how people behave at parties and at the end.

I was surprised that most people keep a straight face, especially girls, in practice, almost never full! It is not acceptable for a lady to get drunk. Unlike the Swedes, Russians do not drink on the weekends as if it was the last time in life. On the other hand, Russians are no abstainers on weekdays. Attitudes towards alcohol are liberal, you can drink strong beer for lunch, as an example.

Today, Sochi is not the resort as it was 15-20 years ago when there were so many visitors that you could not put the foot down on the beach without stepping on any personal exposure to the sun. Turkey, which offer better vacation at a lower price, competed out Sochi for a long time ago. If you want to experience the 'modern, developed and be served on a silver platter' go to the Mediterranean or Dubai! Sochi is a destination for those who are brave, seeking adventure and like contrasts! It is not as comfortable with it is just there all the fascination lies with such sites. You will experience a journey back in time - at least 15 years!

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