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Welcome to the Coolest page about Russia on the Internet!

We provide a positive consumerisation view of Russia as one of the options for shopping, gambling at the casino, share savings and profitable business in the East. We provide insight into this country in an exciting way the Swede's perspective. Policy and tough Soviet background, we leave for newspapers and dusty professors. USSR, KGB, Red Army, the Cold War and communism is gone for more than 20 years.

Even the legendary Russian mafia is a thing of the past as it is mostly in Hollywood films. The Russian mafia has now grown large and has become established banks and big corporations, bet on charity and not like now when assosieras with some kind of underground.

This internet resource is in terms of values ??close where they write about the U.S. without politicizing the subject. There are simply many other sites on the net with both Putin and Obama discussions which in turn contributes very little to active consumers looking for quality experiences in both Russia and the United States.

It was the dismantling of communism as fast started the transition from nation state to market state. Russia is a shining examples for such a state where market forces and consumption has taken over ideologies and has become the leading force in society.                                                                   

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